CZI Grant Partner Training Sessions

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is committed to helping our partners scale change faster. To help support the CZI community working tirelessly to respond to the unfolding COVID-19 crisis, we’ve assembled a collection of resources to help organizations continue driving their work forward and help support a remote workforce. Sign up for the trainings that you’re interested in below.

In these sessions, expert trainers* will provide advice on how to best approach these challenges and then open up the floor to answer questions that you and your community may have. These training sessions will last approximately 90 minutes.

*Note: The trainers leading these CZI-sponsored sessions are not employees of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. The views and advice they will present are based on their deep experience in their respective fields and do not represent the advice of CZI.


Thank you for all you are doing to support your community and your organization in these very difficult times. Please register for each session below.

Coaching Sessions

Based on your feedback, we are offering a round of coaching sessions from our expert trainers on four topics:

  • Financial Strategies: Financial Management During COVID
  • Governance: Engaging Your Board
  • Communications: Messaging this Moment
  • Management: Staff Management and Remote Teamwork

If you are interested in this round of coaching please fill in the form below and we will match you to remaining time slots.

Tackling Management Challenges: 3 Part Series

Hosted by The Management Center Vice President, Carmen McClaskey, Partner, Marissa Graciosa, and  Partner, Jessica Anderson

Based on your specific requests we have added more management-focused sessions below from The Management Center.

How to Actually Re-Prioritise Your Work when the Environment Changes

It’s not news that whether you’re the head of an organization, the leader of a team, or an individual contributor, our current context of COVID-19 requires you to reprioritize your work. Like most things, the process of reprioritization is easier said than done. In this session, The Management Center will offer practical tools for senior leaders to support reprioritization in this changing environment.
The session will explore ways to:

  • Practice and normalize renegotiation of priorities with staff and stakeholders
  • Reassess what success looks like with a lens on prioritization
  • Stay committed to impact and equity when reprioritizing
  • Systematize engaging with staff on their priorities

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Managing Up and Sideways In a Changing Environment

The Management Center teaches management best practices that help leaders at all levels work to get great results. In addition to supporting managers, each year, TMC trains thousands of non-managerial staff on practices for effectively executing impactful work on a team. In this session, participants will learn approaches to get what they need to be successful in their roles, particularly in the context of this uncertain, and rapidly changing environment.

The session will cover practical ways to:

  • Get (re)aligned with managers and colleagues on what success looks like
  • Leverage check-ins to get support and stay on the same page throughout the work
  • Breakthrough roadblocks and get unstuck with managers and colleagues

 June 8 @ 9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT – Register here

Effective Delegation Tools and Goal – Setting for Coordinating Remote Teamwork

Delegation is the backbone of effective management. It’s how we ensure staff at all levels are making critical contributions to our programs and mission. In this moment of physical distancing, rapid change, and uncertainty, delegating well poses new challenges and important opportunities. In this session, The Management Center will highlight best practices shared in their Managing to Change the World book and crash course and will highlight strategies for adapting delegation in the time of COVID-19.

Participants will learn:

  • Tools for agreeing on expectations and clarifying project roles
  • Ways to integrate equity and inclusion into delegation practices
  • How to strategically stay engaged and create accountability and learning along the way

June 9 @ 9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT – Register here

How Do We Deal With This Moment? Practices for Resilience and Preventing Burnout

Hosted by AllThrive Education facilitators, Wendy Martinez-Marroquin, Jonathan Relucio, and Danielle Ancin

AllThrive Education facilitators Wendy, Jonathan, and Danielle have decades of collective experience working at the intersection of social justice and trauma healing. They bring the wisdom of embodied mindfulness and restorative circle practices to support the sustainability, efficacy, equity, and wellbeing of those working for a more just and sustainable world. The purpose of this two-hour workshop is to support and nurture resilience in the time of COVID-19 and beyond. Topics include:

  • Burnout prevention and trauma healing as essential aspects of sustained movement building
  • Embodied mindfulness practices for anchoring our attention in the present and regulating the nervous system
  • Connecting with and learning from community
  • Identifying ways to strengthen resilience and generate possibilities in times of crisis and collective trauma

Please note this is a 2-hour interactive workshop.

Digital Fundraising: Diversifying Online Fundraising During Covid

Hosted by Becker Digital Strategies Founder, Beth Becker

Online Fundraising can be difficult in the best of times, but right now it’s even harder to raise the funds we need to do the work while balancing and respecting what our communities are going through. This session will help you to navigate this difficult dance by:

  • Discussing the differences and similarities between offline and online fundraising in general
  • Offering suggestions for how best to respect your community and the difficulties they may be going through
  • Showing you how to make the best use of some of the social media fundraising tools at your disposal

Asana Basics

Hosted by Asana Customer Success Manager, Samantha Sorkin

This interactive training is perfect for teams and individuals just getting started with Asana, a web-based project management tool. The training will cover the basics of task management including how to create projects and tasks in Asana and how to keep your team updated. This training was referenced during our remote management training with Nicole Sanchez as a helpful solution for managing teamwork.

Online Facilitation 101

Hosted by Training for Change Trainers, Shreya Shah and Matt Guynn

Training for Change has innovated with tools and techniques for experiential and engaging online facilitation. This webinar is a starting place to gain immediate tips and tools for online work and to learn about other resources available. We’ll explore and demonstrate tools and techniques you can use to facilitate virtual meetings that are engaging and inclusive, regardless of your team’s technology or budget. Attending this training will increase your team’s ability to make decisions that include all voices and build strong relationships over distance.

This webinar is a starting place to gain immediate tips and tools for online work.

  • Tips for facilitating meetings and trainings online
  • Tools for powerful online spaces
  • Learn about more resources and trainings

This is an interactive workshop. Come prepared to participate fully.

Community Call: Connecting with Others on Challenges and Innovative Solutions to Advancing Your Mission During COVID

Hosted by The Mobilisation Lab Trainers, Nicole Carty and Sara Renn

The Mobilisation Lab equips advocacy campaigners and their organizations to win in the networked age with transformative, participatory and creative approaches to social change.

In this interactive session, we will create a space to learn from each other and find out how organizations are innovating in response to this crisis. We will dive into:

  • Challenges we are facing in engaging our communities and working on our issues
  • Innovations and ideas we’re testing out as we shift our work during these times 

This session will be a 2-hour interactive workshop with breakout groups.

Managing As A Leader: Best Practices 3 - Part Series

Hosted by Vaya Consulting Founder, Nicole Sanchez

Management Techniques For Distributed Teams: Getting Into The Weeds On Effective One-On- One Meetings And Team Dynamics In Remote Work Environments

Following Nicole Sanchez’s excellent Crash Course on Remote Management Training. We heard a high demand for a deeper dive on this topic. Here it is! Join us for a presentation and discussion of best practices in remote management and getting into the weeds on how to execute key management principles in a remote environment. We will cover:

  • How to keep communication flowing reliably
  • How to collaborate in new and sustainable ways
  • How to conduct healthy one-on-one meetings with staff

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Leading In Times Of Extraordinary Change

In this session Nicole Sanchez will address best practices in a variety of areas such as:

  • How to be the type of leader your organization needs at this time
  • Understanding the type of leader your community needs at this time
  • How we can rise to the occasion and bring others with us in this time of extraordinary change

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How to Navigate Feedback and Interpersonal Conflict In Remote Work Environments

In all work environments feedback is essential. Conflict can be harnessed for good. Bias can be mitigated. All three, when working in conjunction, can build inclusive organizational culture. Come and learn how we can establish good practices around this as many of us transfer to remote work environments during this time.

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Connecting Online With Your Community

Hosted by Becker Digital Strategies Founder, Beth Becker

Beth Becker brings 20+ years of communication and marketing background in the digital space to nonprofits, social service and social justice organizations. In the age of COVID-19 many organizations have to rethink their engagement strategies to be digital first as they continue to pursue their goals in time of sanctuary and social distancing. One important piece of this strategy is learning and practicing how to maintain and deepen the relationships we have with our existing community using digital tools. This webinar will cover:

  • Strategies for encouraging your existing community to join your online community
  • An overview of platforms available to assist you in this transition
  • Best practices for creating and managing Facebook Groups

Communications: Messaging The Moment

Hosted by LightBox Collaborative Founding Partner, Holly Minch and Writer and Media Strategist, Janna Zinzi

LightBox collaborative helps nonprofits, philanthropies, and other organizations jump-start creative thinking, build strategic clarity, and spark action to advance causes that matter. The coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic fallout call on organizations and movements to pivot quickly. While the old rules fall away, new norms and narratives are emerging. It is important that organizations have the tools to adjust their messages and connect with new and existing audiences in relation to what is most pressing at this time. In this session, we’ll offer:

  • Communication tools to pivot your message in this moment
  • Opportunities to ensure that your organization’s messaging is keeping up with the times
  • Ideas to open strategic pathways toward a shared future that benefits the community at large

Digital Organizing In a Rapidly Changing World

Hosted by Do Big Things CEO, Cheryl Contee, Dir. of Data & Research , Sam Marx, Sr., Research Analyst, Abigail Ahoude. 

This webinar, hosted by Do Big Things, will introduce key digital relational organizing strategies to organizations and address how these strategies and related tactics will allow them to reach a wider, more dedicated audience of new and existing supporters during this national state of emergency. Topics will include:

  • How to pivot key messaging in light of COVID-19
  • Adjust to traditional broadcast organizing strategies
  • Make the most out of tools already on hand
  • Build capacity
  • Optimize your messaging over time through testing and measurement

G Suite And Google Hangouts 101 Training

Hosted by Maven Wave, G Suite Change Manager, Agnes Horvath

Maven Wave helps leading companies make the shift to digital with solutions that are agile, rooted in analytics, and built in the cloud. At this time of COVID-19 many organizations are looking to bolster their access to tools for online collaboration. Maven Wave is the Google Cloud Services Partner of the Year for North America – for the third year in a row. This session will cover how to use a variety of free Google products:

  • What is G Suite?
  • How to use G Mail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides.
  • Google Hangouts
  • Collaboration with and without the internet
  • Google Drive and how best to organize it
  • and more!

ZOOM Training for Managing Remote Teams During COVID-19

Hosted by ZOOM’s Tyler Morrone and CZI IT Department

Many organizations are learning how to use Zoom for the first time as COVID-19 has changed work environments and membership interactions. Zoom Basic is free to all non-profits and can be accessed here. This training will cover the basics: Meeting Scheduling, Joining, Adding Hosts, Chat, roles and features for participants and hosts, and other tips to navigate video conferencing.  There will also be time for questions. 

Financial Strategies During COVID-19

Hosted by Fiscal Management Associates Founder & CEO, Hilda Polanco

In these unprecedented times, nonprofit organizations are being challenged in a variety of ways, including shifting staffing structures, sudden changes in service delivery or capacity, and a potential loss of revenue. These changes put the financial health and resilience of nonprofits at risk as they navigate the current reality while staying mission-focused. Hosted by Fiscal Management Associates, this webinar will address some of the key areas organizations should focus on and provide tools they can use in the short term including:

  • Grounding financial decision-making in data and your values
  • Understanding your current financial position and what current resources are available
  • Levers to increase resources available for immediate response
  • Tools for cash flow and scenario planning to plan for the short term

Engaging Your Board in Big Decisions During COVID-19

Hosted by Susan S. Meier, Principal, Meier and Associates

The pandemic has changed the world seemingly overnight, and as community leaders we must respond quickly in the short term while also anticipating the ‘new normal’ that will follow. What is the optimal role of the nonprofit board as we navigate our way through this challenging time? What are the most important questions we should be asking? How does a board add the greatest value in a time of crisis? Both executives and board leaders are invited to join us for this webinar hosted by Meier and Associates to explore how we can best engage with one another during this difficult time.

Crash Course In Remote Management

Hosted by Vaya Consulting Founder, Nicole Sanchez

Given the scale and spread of Coronavirus, many managers are now faced with the task of remotely leading their teams for the first time. This session, led by Nicole Sanchez, founder of Vaya Consulting, will break down best practices for remote management during this challenging period. She will cover topics including:

  • Team communication & connection
  • Conducting meetings & 1:1s
  • Flexibility, deliverables, and team morale
  • Mental health and self-care
  • and more.

We will also answer your pressing questions about managing teams during the spread of Coronavirus and its impact on your team and workplace.

Slack Introduction

Hosted by Slack Customer Success Manager, Robin Tran

Whether you work remotely 100% of the time or find yourself navigating this situation for the very first time, working at a physical distance can pose a unique set of challenges. Slack is here to help, and there is an accessible free version. We’ll first walk through some basics to get you oriented within Slack, and then introduce best practices tailored to remote work situations. We’ll highlight specific tactics within Slack that you can put into practice right away, or bring back to your team.

Things you’ll learn:

  • How to use Slack’s channel-based messaging platform to work effectively wherever you are
  • Tried-and-true best practices to keep your team engaged
  • How non-profits organizations use Slack to make an impact

Try Slack for free today! Click here to get started.