New Partnership with Andrew McCallum on an AI Project to Accelerate Scientific Breakthroughs


We’re excited to partner with Andrew McCallum and his lab at the Center for Data Science at UMass Amherst on an AI research project that has the potential to make faster breakthroughs in our fight against disease.

Today, over 1 million research papers are published every year in biomedicine — that’s one new paper every 30 seconds! At this rate, it’s impossible for scientists to see the whole picture, and how it all fits together.

The Computable Knowledge project could change that. Like mobile map apps help us navigate the world around us, this project aims to create an intelligent map of scientific knowledge, making it easier for scientists to navigate and explore research at many levels of detail. It will also help them understand how new findings fit within the larger picture of scientific understanding, and where new connections could exist. This tool will be free for any scientist to access through Meta, a platform we have been developing over the last year.

Andrew McCallum is an amazing partner for us. He has published more than 150 scientific papers on this subject, and to give a sense of his influence and accomplishments, he is the second-most cited researcher in the entire field of natural language processing. We are honored to partner with Andrew, learn from his expertise, and work with him to build this tool that will help scientists work faster. We hope it will lead to more breakthroughs that can help us cure, prevent, or manage all diseases by the end of the century.