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Improving Accessibility of napari-plot in Applied Sciences

Award napari Plugin Foundation

Project Summary

The napari-plot plugin was funded in the first cycle of the napari Plugin Accelerator grants and has been downloaded over 3,000 times from PyPI. While napari-plot offers a rich plotting environment, a lot of its functionality is only briefly documented within docstrings and showcased by a few example scripts. 

To unlock the full potential of napari-plot for different types of users, this project will extend the existing documentation site with beginner, intermediate, and advanced step-by-step tutorials. Additionally, it will create a dedicated developer guide to help napari plugin developers adopt napari-plot as their go-to plotting backend. Finally, this project will make reliability-focused code improvements to the existing test coverage, increase coverage to more than 90%, and add integration tests to ensure the smooth operation of all subcomponents.


Principal Investigator
Lukasz Migas, PhD
Lukasz Migas, PhD
Co-Principal Investigator
Raf Van de Plas, PhD
Raf Van de Plas, PhD