Working for a Fairer Criminal Justice System

Oct 9, 2017


The U.S. imprisons more people than any other country, despite evidence that these incarceration levels are not making us safer. We’re committed to doing our part to support work that enhances public safety and ensures a fairer criminal justice system.

We’ve been impressed by the incredible work of organizations and leaders around the country who are working to reform the criminal justice system in new and creative ways —from Measures for Justice’s online data portal that tracks how criminal cases are handled in different counties from arrest to post-conviction to FAMM,, JustLeadershipUSA, and Alliance for Safety & Justice’s use of smart advocacy to organize communities most impacted by high incarceration and crime to change state and local laws.

We are pleased to add our support to three more groups taking very different but equally important approaches to reforming the : ACUF Center for Criminal Justice Reform, who are mobilizing public support for reforms based on conservative principles; Fair and Just Prosecution, who are building resources and support for reform-minded prosecutors to succeed; and Civil Rights Corps, who are engaging in high-impact litigation challenging long-standing systemic injustices.

Our work is just getting started, but we’re proud to partner with and continue to learn from such an effective group of leaders as they bring about a better, fairer, and more just system.