Leah Duran

Communications Manager, Science
Years at CZI 3
Gift Type Life of Service Gift

The Student Conservation Association (SCA) was foundational to my professional and personal development, and I’m grateful to direct my CZI Life of Service donation towards helping the next generation of young people connect to and become active stewards of the outdoors.

As a former park ranger, I’m excited to support youth to connect with and conserve parks, public lands and urban green spaces.

Being in service to a greater mission has been the common thread of my career. After college, I volunteered with AmeriCorps to teach students and build hiking trails as part of a 24-member intentional community living program, facilitated by the SCA, in the woods of Massachusetts. This transformative experience led to my work as a National Park Service, where I led educational programming and communicated science for audiences from the Grand Canyon to the San Francisco Bay Area, and then as a communications professional for the U.S. Department of the Interior. At CZI, I can continue supporting mission-driven work that aims to create a better future.

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Gifting amounts updated as of July 20, 2021


Life of Service Gifts are personal donations made by CZI employees in their sole discretion and do not constitute an endorsement of or grant to the recipient organization by CZI.