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Dyp-FISH: Dynamic Patterned FISH to Interrogate mRNA and Protein Subcellular Spatial Patterning

Focus Technology Development

Project Goal

To introduce analytical techniques that take advantage of the constrained spatial architecture commonly found in most human tissues to reveal fine-grain spatially-resolved aspects of the RNA and protein dynamics from fluorescent microscopy data.

Results & Resources

During this project the Mhlanga lab continued their work on DypFISH, which introduces analytical techniques to reveal spatially resolved aspects of protein dynamics from fluorescent microscopy data at high resolution. This technique allows for joint analysis of discrete point-based smFISH mRNA data and continuous intensity immunofluorescence data. DypFISH is further described in their preprint with an openly available python library for running temporal statistics on the data.


Lead Investigator

Musa Mhlanga
Musa Mhlanga