Investing in Racial Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Racial equity cannot be a siloed goal. As we work to build a better future for everyone, CZI is committed to centering racial equity throughout our work to eradicate disease, unlock student potential, and address the needs of our local communities. Learn more about our work to support diversity, equity and inclusion in science, education and our local communities. For more information about our racial equity grant partners across our work, view our grants database.

Racial Equity Grantmaking Criteria

Our commitment includes directing funds to support organizations who are building just and sustainable systems to accelerate racial equity, diversity and inclusion while driving progress across our work at CZI. Read our FAQs for more information.

Cultivate Leadership

Cultivate the leadership of people of color

Change Systems

Change systems, policy and institutions that historically negatively impact communities of color

Address Inequities

Address the current material conditions of people of color to mitigate racial inequities and outcomes disparities

Build Power

Build the cultural, economic, and/or political power of individuals and communities of color