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In situ Interrogation of Epigenetic States in Single-Cells

Focus Immune

Project Goal

To develop a transformative new assay for multiplexed, in situ analysis of epigenetic states in single mammalian cells and to use the assay to study hematopoiesis.

Results & Resources

Kueh and Vaughan have continued development of an imaging assay, SCEPTRE (Single-Cell Evaluation of Post TRanslational Epigenetic modifications), that combines superresolution imaging with spectral barcoding to enable simultaneous visualization of several different histone modifications on multiple genes in single-cells. In their ongoing work they will validate the ability to read out chromatin markers for single-cells and single-alleles.


Lead Investigator

Joshua Vaughan
Joshua Vaughan

Co-Principal Investigators

Hao Yuan Kueh
Hao Yuan Kueh