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Systematic Assessment of Single-Cell RNA-sequencing Protocols, Datasets and Analysis Methods

Focus Technology Development

Project Goal

Conduct a systematic study of single-cell RNA sequencing protocols, datasets, and analysis methods, with an emphasis on bioinformatics methods for scRNA-seq data.

Results & Resources

A number of analysis tools are now openly available, including a software package for scRNA-seq data assessment; new methods for differential expression analysis and clustering of scRNA-seq data; a software package for missing values imputation in scRNA-seq data; an interchangeable pipeline for scRNA-seq data for bioinformatics processing, including a preprint describing this work; a tool for learning similarity metrics from weakly supervised training data, with a corresponding preprint; a method for evaluating the effect of an experimental step on the resulting RNA integrity; and finally a collaboration in which a series of reproduction experiments on the bioinformatics analysis of scRNA-seq data were performed and summarized in a preprint.


Lead Investigator

Xuegong Zhang
Xuegong Zhang