Measuring Metabolism Across Scales

These projects focus on measuring metabolism across organelles and cells to accelerate innovative discoveries in metabolism and metabolic physiology in health and disease. 

Photography by Arnold Kriegstein.
Photography by Arnold Kriegstein.
Photography by Arnold Kriegstein.

The Role of Caveolae Mediated Lipid Trafficking in Cellular Metabolism

to determine molecular details of a novel lipid trafficking pathway facilitated by caveolae from the plasma membrane to internal lipid droplets and characterize its relevance in cellular metabolism

Claudia Matthaeus

University of Potsdam

Martin Lehmann

Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP)

Differential Sympathetic Regulation of Brown Fat Metabolism

to parse effects of activating distinct sympathetic projections to blood vessels versus thermogenic adipocytes in brown fat on local transcriptomic and lipidomic signatures and systemic energy metabolism

Lori M. Zeltser

Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Joerg Heeren

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Bystander Metabolic Effects of Infection Across Scales

to elucidate the source signals and spatial range of bystander metabolic effects of infection and their dynamics following antimicrobial treatment

Laura-Isobel McCall

San Diego State University

Zhibo Yang

University of Oklahoma

Sub-cellular Metabolic Compartmentalization During Oocyte Development

to investigate metabolic-cytoskeleton associations during Drosophila oocyte development to gain novel insights into the functional significance of sub-cellular metabolic organization

Zita Carvalho-Santos

Instituto de Medicina Molecular (iMM)

Jorge de-Carvalho

Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC)

Ricardo Henriques

Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC)

Investigating the Organelle Specific Role of s-adenosylmethionine

to understand how the role of the universal methyl-donor s-adenosylmethionine has different impacts on cellular phenotype depending on its subcellular localization

Tara TeSlaa

University of California, Los Angeles

Danielle L. Schmitt

University of California, Los Angeles

Decoding Lysosome-mitochondria Circuits in Multiscale Metabolic Regulation

to establish the governing principles underlying inter-organelle communication in regulating metabolism at the subcellular, cellular and tissue levels

Rushika M. Perera

University of California, San Francisco

David Shackelford

University of California, Los Angeles

Roberto Zoncu

University of California, Berkeley

Mechanisms of Metabolite Signaling in Tissue-Resident Macrophages

to define the functional landscape of metabolite regulation over tissue-resident macrophages during health and disease

Evanna Mills

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Edward Chouchani

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Mapping Fatty Acid Synthesis in an Entire Organism, in Space and Time

to create high-resolution spatial maps of fatty acid biosynthesis at the level of the whole adult Drosophila, in the context of homeostatic changes in temperature, diet, microbiome, and during aging

Theodore Alexandrov

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

Carlos Ribeiro

Champalimaud Foundation

scNeuroMET: Metabolic Reprogramming During Neurogenesis in Single Cells

to decipher metabolic transitions during neurogenesis at sub-cellular resolution in live single cells using advanced non-linear optics and to explore the contribution of transcriptional regulators

Chiara Stringari

French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

Lorena Aguilar Arnal

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Metabolic Cell Heterogeneity In the Vertebrate Embryo

to pioneer a metabolomic–transcriptomic single-cell-resolved roadmap to the vertebrate embryo in model organisms and to identify noncanonical metabolic regulators of cell differentiation

Peter Nemes

University of Maryland, College Park

Dennis Kostka

University of Pittsburgh

Cecilia Lo

University of Pittsburgh

Towards a Holistic View of Metabolism

to uncover functions for the hundreds of enzymes in peripheral metabolism with no known function, advancing the deciphering of the entire metabolic network

Maya Schuldiner

Weizmann Institute of Science

Nicola Zamboni

ETH Zurich

Synchronous Capture of Organelle Dynamics and Analyte Concentration in vivo

to reveal heterogenous organelle form and function in vivo via optical metadevices enabling ultrafast multiscale 4D sensing of oxygen tension coupled to superresolution fluorescence microscopy

Samantha C. Lewis

University of California, Berkeley

Abdoulaye Ndao

University of California, San Diego

Facilitator Cells: Metabolic Regulators of Homeostasis

to perform fundamental, systematic analysis of facilitator cell metabolism with their effector cells, bridging knowledge gaps of the crucial cells that maintain metabolic homeostasis

Anu Suomalainen

University of Helsinki

Pekka Katajisto

University of Helsinki

Imaging Metabolic Activity in Aging at Cellular Resolution

to advance a stand-alone MALDI metabolomics and isotope-tracing pipeline that visualizes metabolic activity of specific cell types and layers, and to exemplify its utility through application to aging

Joshua Rabinowitz

Princeton University

Sarah Mitchell

Princeton University

Ben Raphael

Princeton University

Unlocking Inter-immune Metabolic Communication

to develop novel methods to study metabolic interactions between dendritic cells and T cells, with the goal of identifying metabolic tipping points that influence inflammation and host defense

Russell Jones

Van Andel Institute

Connie Krawczyk

Van Andel Institute

Transplanting Mitochondria to Study their Impact on Adipogenesis

to reveal a new paradigm by which organelle contact sites form mitochondrial subpopulations controlling the metabolic and adipogenic capacity of adipose stromal cells in health, obesity and diabetes

Bart Deplancke

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Carol Robinson

University of Oxford

Robin Klemm

University of Oxford

Functional Imaging and Control of Nuclear Metabolic Enzymes

to develop optogenetic tools and metabolite biosensors that provide new insights into dynamic gene expression mechanisms controlling key cellular events, including circadian rhythm

Robert Coleman

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Louis Hodgson

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Vladislav Verkhusha

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Diabetic Pregnancy, Fetal Metabolism, and Brain Development

to measure cell type specific metabolism in the developing brain and understand how maternal hyperglycemia impacts fetal brain cell fate specification

Heather Christofk

UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

Aparna Bhaduri

UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

Kathrin Plath

UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine