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Bridging Domains and Communities

Award napari Plugin Foundation

Project Summary

The yt platform is a widely used open-source package for handling multi-resolution volumetric data from astrophysics and other scientific domains. This project will focus on supporting napari as an interactive environment for yt platform users by strengthening community engagement and creating stronger connections within the napari plugin ecosystem. 

To do so, project leads will enhance existing documentation through a new video tutorial series that illustrates both basic napari and yt-napari usage, as well as more advanced tutorials demonstrating usage of other plugins alongside yt-napari. They will also seek to enhance the user experience through new plugin features, performance improvements, the creation of a regular schedule for direct user support, and more.


Principal Investigator
Matthew Turk, PhD
Matthew Turk, PhD
Co-Principal Investigator
Chris Havlin, PhD
Chris Havlin, PhD