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Cutting-Edge Super-Resolution Image Analysis in napari with NanoJ

Award napari Plugin Foundation

Project Summary

NanoJ is an instrumental ImageJ-based computational framework that provides several analytical tasks to enhance or enable super-resolution microscopy. It also hosts popular GPU-based algorithms, including NanoJ-SRRF, which provides the capacity to super-resolve images from conventional microscopes without needing super-resolution specific hardware; and NanoJ-SQUIRREL, which quantitatively detects artifacts created by super-resolution methods. While the use of NanoJ by the scientific community continues to increase, the aged libraries it depends on constrains its development.

This project will refactor the ImageJ NanoJ plugin framework, including SRRF, into an ecosystem of napari plugins to enable next-generation high-performance, super-resolution microscopy analysis.


Principal Investigator
Ricardo Henriques, PhD
Ricardo Henriques, PhD
Co-Principal Investigator
Bruno Saraiva, PhD
Bruno Saraiva, PhD