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Disseminating and Maintaining the Segmenter Plugin

Award napari Plugin Accelerator

Project Summary

The Allen Cell & Structure Segmenter (Segmenter) plugin for napari provides an intuitive graphical user interface to access the powerful segmentation capabilities of an open source 3D segmentation software package developed by the Allen Institute for Cell Science (AICS). The Segmenter is a Python-based toolkit for 3D segmentation of intracellular structures in fluorescence microscope images, designed for cell biologists, microscopists, and researchers striving for 3D quantitative image processing with little or no programmatic experience.

This team will broaden the use of the napari-allencell-segmenter plugin by disseminating it to new users. Increased outreach and external use will provide feedback to the team to better support users, maintain the plugin’s functionality, and promote developments to improve usability for 3D image segmentation.


Principal Investigator
Kimberly Metzler, PhD
Kimberly Metzler, PhD
Co-Principal Investigator
Kaytlyn Gerbin, PhD
Kaytlyn Gerbin, PhD