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Capacity building in bioinformatics for and from Latin America

Project CABANAnet

CABANAnet (Capacity building in bioinformatics for and from Latin America) is a consortium of nine Latin American organizations from six countries (México, Costa Rica, Colombia, Perú, Brazil, and Argentina) and the European Bioinformatics Institute. They will leverage regional research with global importance within the consortium to catalyze computational capacity in the topics of infectious disease, food security, and protection of biodiversity. This grant will fund foundational capacity building in computational biology that includes workshops, a train-the-trainer program, secondments, eLearning, knowledge exchange meetings, website development, and publications. These activities will promote interactions with other bioinformatics efforts at the regional and global scale, and bolster research capacity across bioinformatics topics—including basic and applied biomedical research.

Key Personnel

Rebeca Campos-Sánchez
Alejandro Reyes Muñoz
Carlos Modenutti
Selene Fernández Valverde
Jan Kreuze
Valeria Faggioli
Alexandre Aleixo
Ian Willis
Benilton Carvalho
Adrián Turjanski
Andrés Gatica