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A collaborative interactive computing service model for global communities

Project International Interactive Computing Collaboration (2i2c)
International Interactive Computing Collaboration (2i2c)

Six organizations will work to enable collaboration, scalable analysis, and open workflows for communities in the Global South. The International Interactive Computing Collaboration (2i2c), MetaDocencia, The Carpentries, Open Life Science (OLS), Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI), and Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement (CSCCE) will build community-focused interactive computing hubs in the cloud, paired with training and capacity building. This will be accomplished via four areas of work, each led by a team of collaborators on this grant:

  • Deploy and manage open cloud infrastructure for under-resourced communities in Latin America and Africa. Organizations: 2i2c, MetaDocencia
  • Create training and pedagogical content to assist others in using this infrastructure for cloud-based science workflows. Organizations: 2i2c, The Carpentries, MetaDocencia, OLS
  • Build capacity for technical, pedagogical, and leadership skills within these communities. Organizations: MetaDocencia, The Carpentries, OLS
  • Identify a participatory service model to sustain, scale, and generalize impact for global communities. Organizations: 2i2c, CSCCE, IOI, OLS

Key Personnel

Chris Holdgraf
Laura Ación
Emmy Tsang
Toby Hodges
Lou Woodley
Richard Dunks