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Our mission to cure, prevent, or manage all disease by the end of this century is driven by a dedicated, multidisciplinary team.

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Brian Aevermann Staff Product Applications Scientist, Science
Richa Agarwal Engineering Manager, Imaging
Ashley Anderson Senior Software Engineer, Science
Jeremy Asuncion Senior Software Engineer, Imaging
Seve Badajoz Software Engineer, Science
Arne Bakker Director, Meetings and Community for Science
Sidney Bell Computational Biologist
Brett Benedetti Senior Program Manager, Neuroscience
Nina Bernick Software Engineer, Infectious Disease
Emanuele Bezzi Staff Software Engineer, Science
Heidi Bjornson-Pennell Senior Program Manager, Science in Society and Lead, Rare As One Network
Patricia Brennan Vice President of Science Technology
Katja Brose Senior Science Program Officer, Neuroscience
Gully Burns Senior Research Scientist, Science
Xochitl Butcher Product Manager, Science
Vania Cao Program Manager, Imaging
Monique Cardinaux Senior Executive Assistant, Science
Nina Cardoza Director of Grants and Operations
Ambrose Carr Director, Product Management, Cell Science
Mikala Caton Data Scientist, Science
Tiffany Chi Product Marketing Manager, Science
Chi-Li Chiu Product Manager, Science
Ellaine Chou Data Scientist, Science
Neha Chourasia Senior Engineering Manager, Science
Bryan Chung Senior Software Engineer
Vivian Chung Senior Event Planner
Nathan Clack Senior Staff Software Engineer, Imaging
Anne Claiborne Director, Strategic Operations and Policy, Science in Society
Andréa Clavijo Senior Event Planner
Bil Clemons Science Program Officer, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Science
Jonah Cool Senior Science Program Officer, Cell Science
Florie D'Orazi Principal Project Manager, Imaging
Cree Daniels Event Planner, Science
Ivory Dean Program Manager, Diversity in Science
Leah Duran Director, Communications for Science
Kira Evans Software Engineer, Imaging
Kirsty Ewing Director, Product Design and User Experience Research, Science
Elizabeth Fahsbender Senior Product Application Scientist
Polina Feldman Program Manager, Science in Society
Patricia Flores Communications Manager, Science
Scott Fraser Vice President of Science Grant Programs
Jerry Fu Senior Software Engineer, Science
Jessica Gadling Senior Staff Software Engineer, Science
Pablo Garcia-Nieto Computational Biologist
Nicki Ghafari Saravi Senior Communications Manager, Science
Vladimir Ghukasyan Senior Program Manager, Imaging; Imaging Community Lead
Nayib Gloria Senior Software Engineer, Science
Melissa Gorham Senior Project Manager, Neuroscience
Sanchit Gupta Manager, Software Engineering, Science
Genevieve Haliburton Manager, Computational Biology and Data Science, Science
Julie Han Senior Software Engineer, Infectious Disease
Kishore Hari Senior Program Manager, Science in Society
Kyle Harrington Machine Learning Scientist
Daniel Hegeman Software Engineer, Science
Kate Hertweck Program Manager, Open Science
Olivia Holmes Senior Product Manager, Science
Erin Hoops Senior Software Engineer, Science
Timmy Huang Senior Staff Software Engineer, Science
Nicole Huber Chief of Staff, Science
Amanda Infeld Senior Data Scientist, Science
Ana-Maria Istrate Senior Research Scientist
Christine James Product Manager, Science
Shannon James Executive Assistant, Science Programs and Operations
Ivana Jelic Senior Program Manager, Cell Science
Stephen Jett Program Manager, Imaging
Ann E. Jones Senior User Experience Researcher
Katrina Kalantar Senior Staff Computational Biologist
Theofanis Karaletsos Head of Artificial Intelligence for Science
Kuni Katsuya Engineering Lead, Science
Kandarp Khandwala Senior User Experience Researcher, Science
Justin Kiggins Principal Product Manager
Jeanie Kim Program Manager, Science in Society
Julia Klebanov Director, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
Amy Krystosik Senior Data Scientist, Science
Kellie Lam Project Coordinator, Science in Society
Connor Larsen Senior Product Designer, Design Systems
Justine Larsen Engineering Manager, Imaging
Annie Li Project Manager, Science Grant Operations
Donghui Li Senior Technical Program Manager, Science
Karen Liang Senior Product Designer, Science
Alan Liddell Senior Software Engineer, Science
Ryan Lim Senior Software Engineer, Infectious Disease
Phoenix Logan Senior Software Engineer, Infectious Disease
Maximilian Lombardo Senior Product Application Scientist, Science
Dan Lu Senior Computational Biologist, Science
Kristen Maitland Senior Program Manager, Imaging
Marc Malandro Chief Operating Officer
Bailey Marshall Senior Program Associate, Cell Science
Priscila Martinez Senior Capacity Building Strategist
Dannielle McCarthy Senior Product Applications Scientist
Colin Megill Senior Staff Software Engineer, Science
Meagan Mnich Principal Project Manager, Science Grant Operations
Sunil Mohan Senior Staff Research Scientist, Science
Sandra Moreno Senior Executive Assistant, Science Programs
Todd Morse Staff Software Engineer, Infectious Disease
Lindsey Narkchareon Senior Communications Strategist, Science
Benjamin Nelson Senior Data Scientist, Science
Jun Xi Ni Product Manager, Imaging
Stephani Otte Senior Science Program Officer, Imaging
Esteban Parker Project Manager, Open Science
Nikhil Patel Senior Product Manager, Science
Alyssa Patterson Principal Project Manager, Imaging
James Pearce Staff Research Scientist, AI/ML
Madeline Pensiero Senior Project Manager, Science in Society
Janeece Pourroy Senior Product Designer, Science
Lia Prins Senior Data Visualization Designer, Science
Steve Quake Head of Science
Brian Raymor Principal Technical Program Manager, Science
Lucia Reynoso Software Engineer, Science
Isabella Riezler Senior Communications Strategist, Science
Jauslyn Robbins Executive Assistant, Science
Denise Robichau Senior Project Manager, Science Operations
Dana Sadgat Manager, Software Engineering, Science
Samantha Scovanner Director, Product Management, Infectious Disease & Patient Driven Research
Vincent Selhorst-Jones Senior Software Engineer, Infectious Disease
Christopher Sifuentes Program Manager, Computational Biology
Sara Simmonds Senior Computational Biologist
Tania Simoncelli Vice President, Science in Society
Trent Smith Senior Software Engineer, Science
Prathap Sridharan Staff Software Engineer, Science
Cathy Stolitzka Senior Product Manager, Science
Carly Strasser Senior Program Manager, Open Science
Andra Stratton Program Manager, Rare as One Network
Margaret Sutherland Senior Program Manager, Neuroscience
Andy Sweet Senior Software Engineer, Imaging
Jennifer Tang Senior Manager, Product Design, Science
Dario Taraborelli Science Program Officer, Open Science
Alexander Tarashansky Senior Software Engineer, Science
Norbert Tavares Senior Program Manager, Cell Science
Harley Thomas Staff Product Designer
Andrew Tolopko Senior Staff Software Engineer, Science
Meg Urisko Staff User Experience Researcher, Science
Omar Valenzuela Senior Software Engineer, Infectious Disease
Marc Valer Director of Product Management
Manasa Venkatakrishnan Senior Software Engineer, Science
Boris Veytsman Staff Research Scientist, Science
Eric Wang Senior Technical Program Manager, Science
Kevin Wang Product Designer, Science
Michele Webster Executive Assistant
Joyce Yan Senior Software Engineer, Science
Garabet Yeretssian Senior Program Manager, Cell Science
Debbie Zachry Senior Executive Assistant, Technology
Hana Zaydens Senior User Experience Researcher, Science
Adrienne Ziluca User Experience Research

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