A colorful collage of a couple getting married, a man in a suit, laughing kids, and two woman scientists.

Stories of Collaborative Science

CZI believes in fostering collaboration in science because progress accelerates when people work together. We help bring new people and ideas to science, support early career researchers, and foster interdisciplinary collaborations between experts — from biomedical researchers, software developers, and computational biologists to patients and clinicians. Explore illustrative stories about scientists working together to advance the study of disease and accelerate progress toward cures.

An illustration of a father in a suit kneeling down next to his son. Behind them is text that reads “Snyder-Robinson Syndrome” and labels the son as Connor Raymond and the father as Michael Raymond. Behind them are also speech bubbles that say “seizures, speech issues, brittle bones.”
Sep 23, 2022 Science

How a Parent of a Child With a Rare Disease Built a Team To Find Answers

Illustration of Ivan Marazzi in discussion with a colleague
Jul 14, 2022 Science

How an Urgent Call From a Family in Italy Changed This Scientist's Career

A colorful illustration of two men. One rests his hand on a large tree’s trunk. The other looks to the sky.
Mar 10, 2022 Science

What Can Plants Teach Us About Treating Brain Disease?

A colorful illustration of a woman and man smiling. An assortment of shapes representing the insides of a neuron are in the background.
Jan 18, 2022 Science

2 Stanford Researchers Are Using AI To See More in the Brain

Apr 22, 2021 Science

Why These 2 Scientists Are Teaming Up To Study, Treat & Prevent Rare Pediatric Diseases

Two scientists work at a lab table and look at samples.
Sep 10, 2021 Science

Finding Hope in Tragedy, Married Scientists Team Up To Battle Brain Disease