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CZI Community Space Event Programming Partners

CZI has provided grants to three key partners to lead the development and management of event programming for the Community Space with the goals of supporting local arts and culture, building community and supporting non-profit leaders.

The Redwood City Parks & Arts Foundation

The Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation’s (RWCPAF) mission is to advocate, advance, and develop support for parks, recreational programming, community services, cultural activities, and the arts in Redwood City and surrounding unincorporated areas.

RWCPAF created an Arts Programming Plan for the CZI Community Space to help set a vision for ongoing creative community engagement. RWCPAF will work with the Art Advisory Work Group, composed of six local community members from different backgrounds, to implement the Arts Programming Plan. The plan includes selecting the exhibition theme, choosing the art to be displayed, conducting community outreach and hosting semi-annual art exhibitions. The main purpose of the art exhibitions is to promote local artists by exhibiting their artwork at the CZI Community Space and to provide an opportunity to promote education, awareness, and community understanding. The curator of Exhibitions is Heather Marx, Principal of Heather Marx Art Advisory.

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Thrive Alliance

Thrive is a robust, trusted network of 200+ nonprofit organizations, government entities, foundations, businesses, and community leaders with a shared commitment to strengthening the nonprofit sector, thereby improving the quality of life in San Mateo County. Thrive unites the voice and influence of nonprofits, helps build their capacity, and enables effective cross-sector collaboration. Thrive organizes events, networking gatherings, and trainings to sustain and enhance the vital work performed by nonprofits.

Thrive’s Nonprofit Connections Series will create a meaningful space for local nonprofit leaders to connect and engage in thoughtful dialogue, co-create solutions to pressing challenges in an ever-changing landscape, and thrive in joyful community with a sense of optimism for the possibilities for the future. Thrive Alliance will create programs in the Community Space that will allow nonprofit leaders to engage in peer learning, access experts to address emerging needs, and form unique partnerships and strategic alliances to strengthen their work. This will be done through a combination of event programming, including: Leadership Circle Luncheons, Affinity Groups and Partnership Possibilities Spaces.

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Redwood City Together

The mission of Redwood City Together (RCT) is to forge meaningful partnerships to support the success of all youth and families in Redwood City and North Fair Oaks in an effort to engage and strengthen the community. Community-building has been at the heart of RCT’s ethos, and hundreds of community members and youth have participated in community planning processes that have guided their work for the past 30 years. With strong commitments to increase racial and economic equity and reduce the impact of poverty in communities of color, RCT and its many partners lead initiatives aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty through collective action, education for all, and equal access to healthcare.

RCT will leverage the Community Space to serve as a powerful bridge to bring together Redwood City and North Fair Oaks community members, community-based organizations and cross-sector leaders to learn, listen, respect and build together by hosting important dialogues, workshops, presentations and conferences to enhance community wellness, equity and education achievement in our City and the North Fair Oaks community.

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