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Advancing Microbiome Research Through QIIME 2 Community Development

Project QIIME 2
Funding Cycle 1

Proposal Summary

To support the QIIME 2 user and developer communities by enabling sharing of automatically tested third-party content on the QIIME 2 Library, and hosting our first-ever co-convened user and developer workshop and networking event.



QIIME 2 is the most widely used software platform for microbiome analysis. It is open source and free for all use, and aims to be accessible to users spanning the microbiome research ecosystem, including scientists, engineers, and clinicians. QIIME 2 allows users to work from raw DNA sequencing data through publication quality visualizations and statistics. Key features include a plugin architecture, making it an extensible microbiome bioinformatics platform; an integrated, decentralized data provenance tracking system ensuring reproducibility; and complete separation of interfaces from analysis methods, so different interface types are available to users based on their preference (such as a command line interface, a Python 3 API, or a GUI.

Key Personnel

Greg Caporaso
Matthew Dillon
Evan Bolyen
Nick Bokulich