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Bioconductor: Sustaining a Worldwide Community of Genome Data Scientists

Project Bioconductor
Partner Organization Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Funding Cycle D&I

Proposal Summary

To increase participation of underrepresented groups in genome data science research through alliances with organizations advancing diversity in science, increased mentoring activities for developers, and enhanced governance of Bioconductor.


Proposed Work

A just, equitable, diverse and inclusive community produces the best science. Bioconductor is committed to increasing diversity in its community and leadership. This proposal aims to outreach directly to the communities of BIPOC researchers and students through the Continuing Umbrella of Research Experiences (CURE) training and career development program, which increases the participation of underrepresented students in cutting-edge cancer research through mentorship. This proposal would establish a pilot program to introduce computational genomics concepts to local high schools and universities with high diversity. Additionally, this work will create a group mentorship program for new package developers with a series of six month cycles, pairing would-be developers with experienced developers to guide them through the process to code to package/publication. Finally, to build and foster a sense of belonging and community, we are developing connections with groups focused on outreach to women (R Ladies) and Indigenous populations to help produce translation of Bioconductor documentation and course materials in multiple languages, along with exploring enhanced accessibility for disabilities in Bioconductor software tools and outputs.

Partner Organization

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Dana Farber Cancer Institute is a cancer research institution in Harvard Medical School with faculty actively engaged in outreach to underrepresented communities in cancer and genome research.