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GPU-accelerating Fiji and Friends Using Distributed CLIJ, NEUBIAS-style

Project CLIJ
Funding Cycle 4

Proposal Summary

To enable end-users of ImageJ/Fiji, Icy and napari to process biological imaging time-lapses or large-scale image data tile-by-tile on multiple graphics processing units (GPUs) using CLIJ.



This work will consolidate efforts undertaken in collaboration with the Fiji, Icy and napari communities for tile-based image processing and GPU-device parallelization to make distributed tiled image processing using CLIJ available to everyone. Major efforts will be spent on the graphical user interface, documentation and training which is crucial to make this technology accessible to a large user community. Last but not least, to foster interaction with the life-sciences community, the team will plan NEUBIAS-style symposia, training schools, and hackathons hosted by the Cluster of Excellence “Physics of Life” at TU Dresden, the Institut Pasteur in Paris, and the Francis Crick Institute in London to exchange knowledge, ideas and experience.

Key Personnel

Robert Haase
Stéphane Rigaud
Martin Jones
Lucy Collinson
Amy Strange