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Growing a Diverse and Inclusive Workflow Ecosystem with CWL

Project CWL
Funding Cycle D&I

Proposal Summary

To expand our community so new individuals can meaningfully contribute code, documentation, workflows and other software artifacts by hiring a dedicated software engineer.


Proposed Work

Curii Corporation is a women-led company with a strong commitment to diversity, parity, and inclusion. This proposal will support the hiring and managing of a full time software engineer (“community engineer”) to support new and existing CWL community members with a focus on systematically underrepresented groups in open source software. With the work of the community engineer, the team aims to better support underrepresented communities and make our community and project more inclusive by focusing on three major topics: (1) directing and mentoring internships focused on those who face underrepresentation, bias, or discrimination in the open source community, (2) updating existing code repositories and materials to make them more “user friendly” to new contributors, and (3) performing a large-scale assessment on the current state of diversity of the project and developing recommendations on improvement.