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OpenSim Creator: Empowering Biomedical Research with Biomechanical Models

Project OpenSim Creator
Funding Cycle 5

Proposal Summary

To develop accurate, fast, and researcher-friendly open tools for creating and simulating neuromuscular and musculoskeletal models to address biomedical questions in human and animal mobility.


OpenSim Creator

OpenSim is an open-source biomechanical simulator to model the mechanics of articulating bones and contractile muscles to generate physics-based simulations of movement. This project will empower OpenSim Creator users to build advanced biomechanical models and to execute fast and accurate simulations. This includes developing musculoskeletal morphing tools to systemically reshape models to match biomedical imaging of patients or fossils, as well as creating model computational surrogates for faster simulations.

Key Personnel

Ajay Seth
Adam Kewley
Dimitra Blana
Thomas Uchida