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Predictive Modeling of Single-Cell Multiomics Over Time and Space

Project Aristotle
Funding Cycle 5

Proposal Summary

To develop an end-to-end, predictive computational ecosystem for quantitative spatiotemporal modeling of spatial and single-cell multiomics.



The Aristotle ecosystem is a novel full-stack computational ecosystem that provides advanced spatiotemporal modeling of single cell and spatial genomics datasets. The Aristotle ecosystem consists of a coherent set of three major python packages: dynast, dynamo and spateo, that have functionalities ranging from upstream raw data processing (dynast) to downstream predictive modeling of the RNA velocity vector field by integrating machine learning with dynamical systems (dynamo), and spatiotemporal modeling of single cell resolution spatial transcriptomics in 3D space (spateo), etc.

Key Personnel

Jonathan Weissman
Xiaojie Qiu