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Revitalizing NetworkX for Complex Network Analysis

Project NetworkX
Funding Cycle 2

Proposal Summary

To meet the needs of the scientific community over the next decade, this team will revitalize NetworkX — the fundamental network analysis tool in Python — by growing its developer community, refactoring code, improving performance, and making a major release.



NetworkX (NX) is an established fundamental Python package for the analysis of complex networks. Networks, or graphs, describe relationships between pairs of objects (such as proteins or genes) called nodes. Network analysis allows researchers to measure and control the network topology, including the importance and similarity of nodes, and to identify structures that are similar across networks. NX contributes to the advancement of science in this area: Google Scholar reports that 82 papers with the key phrase “biological networks” were published in 2019 citing NX. The major NX algorithms currently used by biologists include community detection, subgraph isomorphism, image analysis (via scikit-image), and centrality measures.

Key Personnel

Stefan van der Walt
Jarrod Millman
Dan Schult