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Transparent, Open & Sustainable Infrastructure for conda-forge and bioconda

Project conda-forge & bioconda
Funding Cycle 5

Proposal Summary

To improve conda-forge and bioconda’s sustainability and transparency by adopting vendor-agnostic and secure infrastructure practices and develop comprehensive maintenance metrics and dashboards.


conda-forge & bioconda

Installing open source software packages with binary dependencies can be a multi-step process involving an intricate sequence of software compilation. The conda-forge and bioconda projects were founded to resolve user concerns when installing system package dependencies. This project will ensure the long-term sustainability of both programs and migrate them to fully open source tooling  by reducing infrastructure technical debt, adopting an OCI-based mirroring strategy, and developing a maintenance dashboard on Quetz.

Key Personnel

Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra
Wolf Vollprecht
Tania Allard