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Comparing Microfluidic-Based Single-Cell RNA-seq Approaches for Development of a Human Kidney Cell Atlas

Focus Tissue Handling and Processing

Project Goal

To determine the optimal microfluidic-based single-cell RNA-sequencing approach for the generation of a comprehensive human kidney cell atlas.

Results & Resources

Labs interested in studying kidney tissue can refer to the Humphreys lab’s open-source protocol for nuclear isolation, raw data comparing single-nuclei and single-cell sequencing in the adult human kidney, as well as a web tool for searching over 50,000 single-cell transcriptomes from both adult human kidney and kidney organoids. Additionally, there is a publication describing their scRNA-seq analysis of a human clinical kidney transplant biopsy and a preprint illustrating a comprehensive analysis of human kidney and its corresponding organoids.


Lead Investigator

Benjamin Humphreys
Benjamin Humphreys