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Towards a Human Cardiac Cell Atlas

Focus Tissue Handling and Processing

Project Goal

Establish best practice protocols for cardiac single-cell dissociation and preservation; compare and advance sequencing methods, and evaluate experimental replicability in the heart; explore cardiac cell populations comprising distinct heart structures and locate cardiac cells in 3D space.

Results & Resources

An experimental protocol on dissociation and sequencing of cardiomyocytes is now openly available, detailing the use of drop-seq (in collaboration with the lab of Anidita Basu) to encapsulate large cells like cardiomyocytes. The Hübner lab and collaborators developed a variety of techniques, including a spatial transcriptomics-like approach and the use of zebrafish as a model system to observe cell type specific differences across the heart.


Lead Investigator

Norbert Hübner
Norbert Hübner