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Award Imaging Scientist

Funding Cycle Cycle 1


Scot C. Kuo, PhD

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Microscope Facility)


Scot C. Kuo is Director of the Microscope Facility at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Cell Biology. While studying the mechanics and movement of cells, he pioneered the use of microscopic optical tweezers to measure molecular forces and invented new optical approaches measuring intracellular mechanics. He also teaches an annual course on digital image analysis and optical microscopy to graduate students. As part of the Microscope Facility, he continues to develop and customize high-resolution instrumentation, sample preparation, and imaging and software analysis to support a broad array of biomedical researchers.

Project Description

Dr. Kuo’s project has two goals: (1) to help biologists apply the latest microscope technologies to their studies, harnessing potentially revolutionary resolution and speed that would not be approachable without high levels of technical assistance; and (2) to educate students at all career stages on the power and concepts of quantitative imaging, particularly its applications to biological and biomedical problems.