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Bioimage Acquisition and Processing Core: Building Skills in Biomedicine

Award Expanding Global Access to Bioimaging

Project Summary

Research involving bioimages continues to grow in scale, size, and complexity. Quantifying bioimages characteristics is a critical need in biomedicine. Usually, bioimage scientists lack the expertise to choose good algorithms or the mathematical skills to analyze the massive amount of image data. Specifically, Uruguay needs to build new capabilities that reduce knowledge gaps in the bioimaging field. This project seeks to strengthen an imaging core, IMAGINA, which focuses on research, training, and community development in biomedical image acquisition and analysis.


This team aims to drive the local community’s adoption of bioimaging techniques and image analysis algorithms and expand IMAGINA’s expertise in the field. First, the project will develop the scientific community’s skillset in computational bioimaging processing and analysis software. Secondly, the group seeks to consolidate the role of IMAGINA in training researchers that share acquisition and imaging processing expertise. Finally, with these two goals in mind, the team looks to build original bioimaging knowledge. Ultimately, these actions will increase access to imaging expertise and instrumentation for biomedical researchers.


Principal Investigator
Federico Lecumberry, PhD
Federico Lecumberry, PhD
Co-Principal Investigators
Rossana Sapiro, PhD
Rossana Sapiro, PhD