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Developing New Image Acquisition and Analysis Strategies

Award: Imaging Scientist


Aaron Taylor, PhD

University of Michigan (BRCF Microscopy Core)


Dr. Taylor became interested in imaging during graduate school at Brown University while pursuing a PhD in neuroscience and using simple epifluorescence and confocal microscopy. He directed a light microscopy and small animal imaging core at Purdue University, where he became well-versed in the fields of imaging and image analysis. The excitement of super resolution and light sheet microscopy next drew him to the Janelia Research Campus Advanced Imaging Center, where he worked with visiting scientists on high-speed structured illumination microscopy and new image analysis approaches. As Managing Director of the BRCF Microscopy Core, he provides overall direction, engages students and faculty, and solves the core’s most challenging imaging problems.

Project Description

Dr. Taylor plans to spend part of his time on education and outreach, which are critically important for any new imaging or analysis technology to be useful. He will also work collaboratively to develop new image acquisition and analysis strategies—including a new image compression method that aims to be lossless relative to relevant content—that will benefit core users. This method should achieve higher compression levels than are possible using common existing approaches that aim to preserve pixel intensities. He will also develop an image analysis-enabled acquisition method based on widely available hardware that can acquire volumetric fluorescence images of monolayer cell cultures as gently as state-of-art light sheet approaches when staining patterns are sparse.