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Expanding Access to Advanced Bioimaging Technology in Latin America

Award Expanding Global Access to Bioimaging

Project Summary

The Advanced Bioimaging Unit is a joint effort by the Institut Pasteur of Montevideo and the Universidad de la República to adopt, develop and train researchers in cutting-edge bioimaging technologies for biomedical research. This team will adopt a microscopy tool for deep imaging in tissues, the DIVER microscope, with no clarification focus in label-free fluorescence. 


The team will incorporate a highly qualified human resource professional to expand and improve staff and imaging instrumentation possibilities. The project will then focus on providing educational opportunities to the region. The training program will target staff of imaging core facilities across the region, and provide training in advanced techniques and instruction that can be easily re-taught at their main facilities. These easily replicable instructions will generate a trainer cooperative network to improve education and capacity in the region. 


To reduce barriers to cutting-edge technology, the team will offer fellowships to support regional scientists. By coordinating efforts between the existing regional leaders and in synergy with the Latin American Bioimaging Network, this group hopes to catalyze bioimaging advancement across the continent.


Principal Investigator
Leonel Malacrida, PhD
Leonel Malacrida, PhD
Co-Principal Investigators
Andres Kamaid, PhD
Andres Kamaid, PhD