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Expanding Access to Biomedical Imaging Infrastructure

Award Expanding Global Access to Bioimaging

Project Summary

This project aims to enhance the competence and capacity of the Core Facility of Biomedical Imaging at the Medical Faculty of the University of Tartu (Core) and open the Core to external users from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In order to achieve this objective, the project will establish an English language website and e-learning modules to increase the visibility of the Core in the region, as well as provide travel stipends for Latvian and Lithuanian medical researchers to visit the Core. 


This project has a variety of education-oriented components. The team will organize hands-on courses for the beginners in confocal microscopy and in magnetic resonance imaging, deep-tissue imaging, and superresolution imaging for advanced users. It will offer imaging summer schools focused on specific research questions using advanced imaging techniques. This team will support the staff of the Core to visit biomedical imaging-related conferences and invite lecturers from top imaging laboratories to learn first-hand about new imaging techniques and probes. To support the Core’s staff, the team will employ a senior postdoc/researcher to increase the Core’s image analysis competence and capacity. Several outreach activities will focus on introducing the public to the capabilities of the Core.


The team expects that the proposed activities will significantly improve the expertise in biomedical imaging and access to imaging technologies in the region, and will help to advance biomedical research in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Principal Investigator
Allen Kaasik, PhD
Allen Kaasik, PhD