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Improving scikit-image and the Scientific Python Ecosystem for Bioimaging

Award Imaging Software Fellow


Juan Nunez-Iglesias

Monash University


Juan Nunez-Iglesias, a Bioimage Analysis Research Fellow at Monash University in Australia, will work to advance both the technical capabilities and community growth and mentorship around base software libraries for image analysis in Python. Juan will focus on developing scikit-image while also collaborating to improve the surrounding ecosystem, including NumPy and SciPy (the basis of scientific computing in Python), CellProfiler (a graphical user interface for cell-based measurements in images), and dask (a library for computing on very large datasets).

Project Description

scikit-image is a community-driven Python project consisting of a collection of algorithms for image processing available free of charge and free of restriction. With over 366 contributing developers, and 37,000 packages that depend on it, scikit-image plays a critical role across many domains of science, ranging from biomedical image processing to astronomy, and many things in between.