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Optical Imaging with Light Sheet Microscopy

Award Imaging Scientist

Funding Cycle Cycle 1


Holly Gibbs, PhD

Texas A&M University (Microscopy and Imaging Center)


Holly Gibbs is a biomedical engineer at Texas A&M University who studied with Alvin Yeh and Arne Lekven during her doctoral work on multiphoton imaging of brain development in zebrafish. She is interested in developing accessible microscopy, labeling, visualization, and bioimage informatics tools for creating multi-scale models of the emergence of brain structure and function. She will be joining Kristen Maitland at the Microscopy and Imaging Center to assist other researchers in managing, collecting, and analyzing experimental data from a new light sheet microscope.

Project Description

Light sheet microscopy is a high resolution and minimally invasive imaging technique ideal for capturing movies of biological processes in living specimens, or rapidly imaging large fixed tissues. As biologists and biomedical researchers work to progress our understanding of the fundamental processes underpinning life and how disease occurs when those processes are disrupted, it’s important to enable them with the best imaging and image processing tools available to avoid bottlenecks. The Microscopy and Imaging Center at Texas A&M University is being equipped with a new light sheet microscope, and Holly will recruit, train, and assist new users, as well as develop custom software for image processing and visualization.