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Award Imaging Scientist

Funding Cycle Cycle 2


Christian Tischer, PhD

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Advanced Light Microscopy Facility)


Dr. Tischer studied physics in Heidelberg, Germany. He learned about biology and microscopy during his thesis at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, where he developed and built specialized microscope systems for the investigation of intra-cellular signalling mechanisms. He deepened his knowledge in bioimaging during a postdoctoral research project at the AMOLF institute in Amsterdam, where he worked on the microscopy-based investigation of intra-cellular cytoskeleton dynamics. Following a passion for support and teaching, he then worked for almost 10 years at EMBL’s Advanced Light Microscopy Facility (ALMF) supporting scientists with both microscopy and bioimage analysis. Since the end of 2018, his focus has shifted towards bioimage analysis support, and he is now running EMBL’s Centre for Bioimage Analysis.

Project Description

Dr. Tischer strives to contribute to the development of openly accessible, high-quality, and reusable training resources for bioimage analysis to promote excellence in the analysis of scientific bioimage data. Moreover, he wants to help drive forward the establishment of a community standard file format for bioimage data, which will greatly facilitate bioimage data sharing, foster remote collaborations, promote bioimage data reuse, and enable the development of efficient and interoperable analysis workflows.