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The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is committed to helping you scale change faster. We do this through grants, technology and capacity building. With training, consulting and coaching we support the CZI community to grow key capacities, tools and organizational building blocks to unlock greater impact over the long-term.

To help support the CZI community working tirelessly to achieve their goals, become more resilient, and respond to unfolding crises we’ve assembled a collection of expert trainings valuable to the grantees and their partners across CZI portfolio areas. Please sign up for the trainings that you’re interested in below. You can also opt-in to receive invitations about these sessions here.

In these sessions, expert trainers* will provide advice on how to best approach these challenges, teach new skills and practices, and answer questions that you and your community may have. These training sessions will last approximately 90 minutes unless otherwise indicated. If you’d like to provide feedback or request additional trainings for your organization please contact

Recorded sessions this year will be available via our Wistia page.

*The trainers leading these CZI-sponsored sessions are external vendors. The views and advice they will present are based on their deep experience in their respective fields or sectors and do not necessarily represent the views or advice of CZI. Please note that CZI may record their session(s) through Zoom. This means that any visual (if you choose to put your camera on) and audio will be recorded. By registering for this session(s), you consent to being recorded. If you do not wish for your visual and/or audio to be recorded, you can switch off your camera, and/or remain muted throughout the entire session or decide not to register. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Woman seated at table with laptop computer and headphones, participating in CZI Grant Partner Training Session.
Current Sessions
movement capacity building daryl atkinson standing at podium

Our 2022 Central Training Program has concluded for the year.

You can re-watch any of our past training sessions on our Wistia page.

See you in 2023!