Unlocking Student Potential: New CZI Report Looks Back on Eight Years

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A Focus On Student Learning and Well-Being

Well-being is an essential foundation for learning. When students feel seen, understood, and valued as individuals and as part of a community, they are more likely to stay motivated and engaged in school. By backing researched-informed solutions, developing new tools, and partnering with diverse communities, CZI equips educators to provide all students with an education that supports both their academic achievement and well-being.

Equipping Teachers for Success

Teaching is challenging, and educators need ongoing support to avoid burnout and support their students. Our partners offer professional learning opportunities, mentorship, and communities of support to boost teacher well-being, so they can continue to meet the needs of their students, and thrive in the profession. Learn More.

Helping Students Thrive

All students deserve an education that supports their learning and well-being, and prepares them for success in school and life. Our partners are helping educators more deeply understand how students learn and develop, and bring those insights in their classrooms.