Introducing Along: a Tool Designed to Help Teachers Make Students Feel Seen and Heard

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A Focus On Student Well-Being

Mental well-being is an essential foundation for learning. COVID-19 caused unprecedented disruption and stress for more than 50 million students, their families, and their teachers. As schools and communities rebuild, attending to the social emotional well-being of children must be our priority. At CZI, we are committed to accelerating a whole child approach to learning that integrates what we know about the science of human development and learning into education.

Supporting School Recovery

The lives of millions of students, teachers, and families were disrupted overnight following the shutdown of US schools in early 2020 - exacerbating existing inequities and disproportionately affecting low-income communities of color. In response, CZI awarded five community-based organizations $170,000 to partner with schools that served primarily Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities and help develop reopening plans. Learn more about the project and key learnings from these case studies.

Meet Educators & Communities Leading the Way on Student Well-being

Priscilla Chan Interview with NBC’s Sheinelle Jones