Elmo and Priscilla Chan Visit The Primary School


Elmo and Priscilla Chan Visit The Primary School

Directed by Andrew Moriarty

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

We want all kids to have the knowledge and skills they need for success, including the ability to empathize, articulate emotions, explore their identities, maintain wellness and more. We’re collaborating with Sesame Workshop and The Primary School to create a new early childhood education curriculum to help educators meet the academic, social-emotional, physical, and mental health needs of their students. 

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Co-Founder and Co-CEO Priscilla Chan and Elmo visited The Primary School’s teachers and children to see the new Sesame Workshop classroom curriculum in action. This curriculum incorporates a whole child approach to education. It provides teachers with the tools and content they need to integrate social-emotional development and skill-building into their students’ day-to-day learning activities in an engaging and fun way. In the video, Elmo and the students build their engineering skills with blocks and strengthen their social-emotional skills by practicing breathing exercises. The children learn to try new ideas even when some might not work out while the teacher explains to the classroom that “we can always learn from our ‘oops’ and ‘ahas’.”