Sep 29, 2020 · 3 min read

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Supports Launch of Black Voices for Black Justice Fund

Black Voices for Black Justice Will Fund Black Leaders and Black-led Organizations on the Front Lines Striving for Racial Justice.

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The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative today joined The Moriah Fund, Galaxy Gives, City Bridge Foundation, Bridge Alliance Education Fund and the Greater Washington Community Foundation to announce its support for the Black Voices for Black Justice Fund (BVBJ). BVBJ is a racial justice fund that will support Black leaders and Black-led organizations on the front lines in shaping the urgent movement to build a fair, equitable, and anti-racist America. It will amplify and elevate ongoing efforts to address the national crisis surrounding racism, white supremacy, police brutality, and racial inequality.

BVBJ is led by a group of highly acclaimed Black leaders that include Wes Moore, bestselling author, activist and CEO of Robin Hood, one of the largest anti-poverty forces in the nation; award-winning actress and activist Kerry Washington; and Jean Desravines, CEO of New Leaders, a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure high academic achievement for children, especially students in poverty and students of color.

The fund launched today with an initial $2 million investment, with the goal of raising over $10 million to address racial justice issues.

“The Black Voices for Black Justice Fund recognizes incredible leaders who have been on the frontlines working to dismantle the deep-rooted, racist systems that have plagued our country for centuries,” shared Ms. Washington. “Amplifying their voices and providing resources to these inspiring advocates is critical as we strive towards equity and racial justice in this country.”

The Fund will:

  • Support and develop new, emerging and existing Black leaders on the front lines of our nation’s racial justice movement.
  • Support Black-led efforts to build meaningful economic and political power for their communities and create conditions necessary to transform racist systems and institutions by putting equity at the center.
  • Facilitate the sharing of ideas among Black leaders and Black-led organizations in service of solutions that ensure that the America that emerges from this crisis better and reflects the best of humanity.

Twenty-seven awardees were selected for the fund’s first set of investments, encompassing a range of Black community leaders and organizers across the country who are working to dismantle systems of oppression, violence and inequality.  Among the awardees is Maia Blankenship of Wildflower Schools, who is currently building a regional hub of Montessori schools in Washington DC. Blankenship is a changemaker and equity advocate who works to ensure that educators are valued, supported and empowered.

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