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napari-nucleome: Integrative Multi-Omic Exploration of the Cell Nucleus

Award napari Plugin Foundation

Project Summary

Advances in whole-genome mapping techniques have facilitated the characterization of 3D chromatin organization inside the cell nucleus with unprecedented throughput and resolution. Multiplexed imaging-based methods, on the other hand, provide a direct readout of the 3D spatial position of hundreds of chromatin probes at a single-cell scale with additional imaging of RNA and other subnuclear structures. However, there is a major gap in fully utilizing the complementarity of these different data modalities for effective visualization.

The napari-nucleome plugin will, for the first time, allow users of napari to perform interactive exploration of multi-modal datasets, including imaging, multi-omics and 3D genome structure models for studying the cell nucleus.


Principal Investigator
Yang Zhang, PhD
Yang Zhang, PhD