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Expanding usage of the DocMaps framework

Project DocMaps

DocMaps is a community-endorsed framework for making preprint review, and other editorial processes, machine-readable and discoverable, that will meet three key requirements for representations of editorial processes in a healthy publishing ecosystem:

  • Extensibility: the framework should be capable of representing a wide range of editorial process events, ranging from a simple assertion that a review occurred to a complete history of editorial comments on a document to a standalone review submitted by an independent reviewer
  • Machine-readability: the framework should be represented in a format (e.g. JSON-LD) that can be interpreted computationally and translated into visual representations.
  • Discoverability: the framework should be publishable such that events are queryable and discoverable via a variety of well-supported mechanisms.

DocMaps is led by Gabriel Stein at Knowledge Futures, an organization dedicated to building more effective, equitable, and sustainable knowledge infrastructure that spun out of collaboration between the MIT Press and the MIT Media Lab. The DocMaps Implementation Group is composed of publishers, technology providers, review services providers, and taxonomy specialists.

Key Personnel

Gabriel Stein
Richard Sever
Paul Shannon