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Empowering research communities to shape the future of open and equitable preprint review

Projects PREreview, eLife

PREreview is a fiscally sponsored project of the non-profit organization Code for Science and Society. Our mission is to empower communities of researchers to review preprints in a process that is rewarding to them. The PREreview project is joining forces with eLife — a non-profit publisher with a well-established open source technology division — which is mission-aligned and also supporting self-organized researcher communities to conduct preprint review.

Key Personnel

Daniela Saderi
Samantha Hindle
Monica Granados
Chad Sansing
Vanessa Fairhurst

eLife has developed Sciety, a preprint review aggregator aimed at building a network of researchers who evaluate, curate, and read preprints in the open. PREreview currently has over 1,500 users, and hosts more than 500 PREreviews and nearly 700 feedback requests on preprints published across different preprint servers. Sciety currently supports 20 distinct preprint discussion groups/communities in the life sciences.

Key Personnel

Chris Wilkinson
Paul Shannon