Apr 7, 2022 · 1 min read

Making of the Mural: ‘A Future For Everyone’ by Bay Area Artist Partnership MCXT

Artist Partnership MCXT, Monica Canilao and Xara Thustra, share their inspiration and design process for a mural in the CZI office lobby in Redwood City.


The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has been proud to call San Mateo County, California, home since opening our Redwood offices in 2018. The office includes the Science in Society  <https://chanzuckerberg.com/science/programs-resources/science-society/> that provides free meeting and event space to local groups and organizations who share our mission to build a more inclusive, just and healthy future for everyone.

We partnered with the local Bay Area artist partnership MCXT, Monica Canilao and Xara Thustra, to create a mural to welcome visitors that represents “A Future for Everyone.” MCXT have known and worked together for 20 years. They choose projects that are about people, activating the community, and that are accessible and available for the public. Explore the visual tour guide of the mural.

Monica and Xara create artwork in an organic process using colors, light and movement.

“It’s a back-and-forth conversation about what kind of colors can activate somebody,” Monica says.

Xara believes the mural is meant to sit in front of while thinking,  “What is a future for everyone?”

Watch the video above to hear more about the creative process and what the mural means to the artists.

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