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Stay Close to the Work

Stay Close to the Work is a series featuring the stories of CZI employees who reflect on their journeys to the organization and how they stay close to our mission to build a more inclusive, just and healthy future for everyone. Explore a new Q&A each month, as CZIers tell their stories in their own words.

Rosa Cabrera wears a floral-lined blouse and smiles for a headshot while outside.
Aug 24, 2023 Life at CZI

How CZI Inclusive Entrepreneurship Program Lead Rosa Cabrera Is ‘Supporting People’s Hustle’

Vivian Wu smiles while seated on a panel amongst four others and looking towards another speaker.
Jun 29, 2023 Ventures

CZI Ventures Managing Partner Vivian Wu on How Impact Investing Can Scale Change

Sandra Moreno, CZI’s science program executive assistant, smiles in a headshot. She is surrounded by images from her original artwork — pink and orange flowers, hummingbirds and butterflies.
Mar 3, 2023 Life at CZI

A CZ Science Team Member Shares Her Hopes for the Future

Ruby Bolaria Shifrin holds a microphone while speaking at an event.
Jan 19, 2023 Life at CZI

CZI Head of Community Ruby Bolaria Shifrin Wants Everyone To ‘Begin Life at the Same Starting Line’

A group of three people wear sunglasses and smile for a photo.
Nov 30, 2022 Life at CZI

CZI’s Director of Education Policy and Partnerships Reflects on Reimagining the Education System

Sep 16, 2022 Life at CZI

‘This Is Who I Am:’ Meet CZI’s Community Leadership and Capacity Building Director

Julio, his spouse and child smile for a picture, surrounded by grass and trees.
Aug 18, 2022 Life at CZI

How This Former Teacher Is Increasing Support for Educators

CZI housing affordability manager Michelle smiles as she stands on a trail, surrounded by greenery. You can see the mountains deep in the background.
May 24, 2022 Life at CZI

A Housing Affordability Manager Reflects on the Intersection of Her Story and CZI Work

A woman stands outside and smiles, wearing a white blouse.
Mar 18, 2022 Life at CZI

How a CZI Community Manager Is Working To Build a More Inclusive, Equitable Bay Area

A woman wearing blue jeans and a puffy vest smiles and stands in a field with her hands in her pockets.
Feb 23, 2022 Life at CZI

When the Work Is Personal: How a Program Associate Builds Resources for the Rare Disease Community

A man wearing a yellow shirt reaches for a bright green lime on a table with other colorful treats.
Dec 2, 2021 Life at CZI

‘Better Is Possible’: How a New DEI Program Associate Plans To Make an Impact in His Role

A women, child and man pose for a family picture at the foot of a playground slide.
Oct 27, 2021 Life at CZI

How a CZI Product Manager Helps Support Scientists Across the World in Tracking Infectious Disease

A women with black and pink hair smiles with greenery behind her.
Sep 28, 2021 Life at CZI

A CZI Product Designer on Creating Tools To Help Educators Strengthen Relationships With Their Students

A women smiles and stands close to a man who is holding a Corgi.
Aug 24, 2021 Life at CZI

‘I Believe in What I Do.’ A CZI Housing Manager on Why Everyone Should Have a Home

Mar 29, 2021 Science

'We're Doing Something Unique' Why This Neuroscientist Works at CZI