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Apache Arrow Apprenticeship Program for OSS Maintenance and Community

Project Apache Arrow
Funding Cycle 3

Proposal Summary

To support the growth, sustainability, and diversity of the Apache Arrow project by expanding an apprenticeship program, which recruits developers from underrepresented groups and trains them to be open source software maintainers.


Apache Arrow

The Apache Arrow project is a cross-language development platform for in-memory data designed to improve system performance, memory use, and interoperability. Some well-known projects using Arrow include Apache Spark, R, Python Pandas, Google BigQuery, Amazon Athena, Snowflake DB, and TensorFlow TFX. Additionally, several projects in genomics research have experienced significant speedups by incorporating Arrow. Arrow recently made its version 1.0 release, an indication of the project’s stability and signal that they have reached a new phase in the growth of the open source community.

Key Personnel

Wes McKinney
Neal Richardson