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Enhancing Giotto for Spatial Multi-Resolution Technologies

Project Giotto
Funding Cycle 5

Proposal Summary

To enhance Giotto by implementing a novel data structure and framework for the abstract representation and analysis of emerging datasets from multi-modal and multi-resolution spatial technologies.



Giotto originated in 2019 as one of the first software packages for comprehensive spatial transcriptomic data analysis, relieving the steep learning curve that scientists often faced with new datasets. However, Giotto is created from data analysis concepts derived from the field of single-cell analysis, which prevents the systematic storage, abstract representation, and usage of all available information that can be extracted from spatial omics technologies. This project will develop a framework that can fully capture the spatial and biological complexity from all spatial omics data.

Key Personnel

Ruben Dries
Jiaji George Chen
Joselyn C. Chávez-Fuentes
Guo-Cheng Yuan