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Improving QIIME 2 pathogen identification and developer community tools

Project QIIME 2
Funding Cycle 5

Proposal Summary

To facilitate the detection and characterization of pathogens in microbiome data, while supporting community development and dissemination of accessible and reproducible bioinformatics applications.



Recent advances in DNA sequencing technologies are revolutionizing infectious disease research, microbiome research, and healthcare. These technologies have diverse applications for rapid, sensitive, and accurate untargeted pathogen detection and phenotyping directly from complex microbiomes. However, the software infrastructure for integrating and maximizing value from these data remains a critical bottleneck. QIIME 2 is designed to fill this gap by providing solutions for reproducible, accessible, and interpretable analysis of large-scale microbial multi-omics datasets for infectious disease research and diagnostics.

Key Personnel

J. Gregory Caporaso
Nicholas Bokulich