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Inclusive and Accessible Scientific Computing in the Jupyter Ecosystem

Project JupyterLab
Funding Cycle 4

Proposal Summary

To bring systematically marginalized voices of disabled scientists into scientific computing communities via building and applying accessibility tools, standards, and community contribution practices in the Jupyter ecosystem.



For open source projects such as JupyterLab to live up to their values and maximize their impact across society, they must ensure that the whole experience —both inside and outside the software itself—is accessible to all users. However, while a large community uses JupyterLab, it severely lacks in implementing web content accessibility standards, making it unusable for many disabled users. This proposal aims to improve JupyterLab to build tools and standards that make JupyterLab and Jupyter interfaces accessible to a broader audience of users requiring assistive technologies. This work will provide a foundation that boosts accessibility to Jupyter’s community and the broader PyData ecosystem. In doing so, Project Jupyter will set an example for accessible open-source communities in scientific computing.

Key Personnel

Tania Allard
Isabela Presedo-Floyd