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Next Generation Mass Spectrometry with OpenMS

Project OpenMS
Funding Cycle 1

Proposal Summary

To enable the analysis of thousands of next generation data-independent acquisition (DIA) mass spectrometry measurements by implementing algorithms, visualization tools, and cloud containers based on OpenMS and the OpenSWATH algorithm.



OpenMS offers an open source software C++ library for LC/MS data management and analyses. It provides an infrastructure for the rapid development of mass spectrometry-related software, as well as a rich toolset built on top of it. It comes with a vast variety of pre-built and ready-to-use tools for proteomics and metabolomics data analysis (TOPPTools) as well as powerful 1D, 2D and 3D visualization (TOPPView). OpenMS offers analyses for various quantitation protocols, including label-free quantitation, SILAC, iTRAQ, TMT, SRM, SWATH, etc. With pyOpenMS, OpenMS offers Python bindings to a large part of the OpenMS API to enable rapid algorithm development. OpenMS supports the Proteomics Standard Initiative (PSI) formats for MS data.

Key Personnel

Hannes Rost
Timo Sachsenberg